The next gen of NFT marketplace

Virtualrise is the first ever NFT marketplace to use a hyper-delfationary token as currency.

A hyper-deflationary token with art as core value

Virtualrise is a hyper-deflationary token, which rewards investors for holding tokens, while also incorporating an the Buy-Back approach already present in the stock market. As part of the Buy-Back process, contract takes care of buying back some of the tokens and burn them whenever a sell happens.


How it works


A 3% tax is cut on each transaction which awards every user with free tokens in their wallets. as people conduct transactions. Holders are effectively paid for merely holding $VRISE in their wallets.


On each transaction 5% is added on the buyback system and ready to be burn to make sure the value of $VRISE stays stable or increases as tokens are removed from the supply forever.


For each transaction a 3% fee is taken and sent to a marketing wallet that is used to promote the token. Whilst the team is developing the platform and all the functionalities, the marketing campaign will be ongoing from day one.

3 year lock

Powered by DxSale and locked by DxSale. There is no risk that the liquidity will be withdrawn because it is locked for 3 year on DxSale. No dump by the team, their wallet is gradually unlocked (no big amount unlocked).


Plans for the future

The NFT platform

Our solution will be powered by our hyper-deflationary utility token VRISE and users of our platform will be able to stake our token to claim or issue NFTs. We are setting out to become the first NFT platform to use such powerful tokenomics!

We are creating a marketplace that will be integrated into our platform. This will enable anyone to easily sell their NFTs. The users of our marketplace will be able to choose between selling their NFTs spot-style or auction-style. A portion of the fees collected from our marketplace will be burned, further reducing our total supply of VRISE tokens.

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